How To Sell Your Home For Cash in Washington, D.C,
Northern VA, And Maryland

Selling your house to Key Home Buyers can often be more financially beneficial than listing with a Realtor. This is because there are several substantial costs typically associated with selling through an agent. These expenses are often subtracted from the ‘list price’ that a Realtor might propose during their pitch to list your house. By choosing us, you could avoid these costs and potentially net an amount equal to or greater than what you’d receive through a traditional real estate listing.

Traditional Real Estate Listing:

LIST PRICE (Median house price in mid-Atlantic region)
Contract Price
Real Estate Agent Commission (Typically 6%)
Closing Costs (Average 2-3%)
Closing Cost Credit To Buyer (Average 2-4%)
Holding Costs (Mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities for 2-4 months)
Minor Repairs (Average repairs are $2,000-6,000)
Total Costs

When you choose Key Home Buyers for selling your house, you avoid all the usual costs associated with traditional real estate agents. Our offer might be lower than the listing price suggested by a Realtor, but the end result is often more money in your pocket. With us, you can sell your house today and have the certainty of a completed sale immediately. The process is straightforward – simply choose your closing date, and we’ll handle the rest.

How Key Home Buyers Stand Out

In a market filled with claims of buying houses for cash, Key Home Buyers sets itself apart. When you say, ‘I want to sell my house for cash,’ we’re fully equipped to meet that need. We provide proof of funds with a current bank statement, ensuring there are no surprises in the transaction. Unlike other ‘I Buy Houses’ entities that rely on hard money or traditional bank financing, which can fall through if certain criteria aren’t met, our purchases are made with our own cash. This means a more reliable and direct sale for you. With Key Home Buyers, when we commit to buying your house, we follow through without the need for external approval or financing.

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